How to stay flexible

Staying flexible in the work from home game

Many of us have been experiencing the phenomenon known as “sudden onset working from home.” Working from home has and always will be a great idea. But when it’s all you have, you find out quickly that you need some strategies to keep your wits about you. How do you stay flexible when unexpected challenges […]

Woman on phone

Is your phone your new therapist?

“AI therapists may eventually become your mental health care professional” – NYPOST I read the above article recently about how artificial intelligence (AI) may become the next big frontier in helping people deal with their mental health issues. At some point in the future, you may be unpacking your issues with a bot who is […]

What I look like with the flu

My binge-watching flu recommendations

One great thing about our content-rich modern times is that the flu doesn’t have to bore you anymore. Thanks to on-demand media platforms, no longer do you have to endure long periods of restorative and restful sleep to help your body perform critical repair functions to vanquish the replicating virus inside your body whose sole […]